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Professional scrap Tire Removal, Disposal and Recycling

Tire Pile Cleanup

Getting rid of illegally dumped tires and trash on your property can be a real problem. Old scrap tires can not be disposed of because landfills is not going to take tires since they won't stay buried. Many folks don't recognize that tires when buried will resurface, so landfills will not accept them.

So your only options are to recycle the tires, This can be tough because there are few companies that recycle tires and also you should pay to have them recycled. Larger tires like for semi trucks, farm equipment and construction tires may be $20-$200 to recycle each tire. Car tires are less expensive but tend to nevertheless be $5 to $10 each depending on where you drive them.

In the event the expense of recycling tires just isn't enough you also must collect the tires, load them and bring them to the tire recycler. Collecting tires can be a difficult, dirty and dangerous job sometimes. Snakes like rattle snakes, copperheads and even king snakes are poisons and love surviving in the tires because they stay warm in the evening. Reptiles need heat to maneuver and hunt so they really just like the warmer environment. Rats, mice and other rodents like the heat and quite often start nesting in dumped tires once you or two of being illegally dumped. Snakes hunt these animals making tires much more attractive to hungry snakes.

Tires can also be tough to collect and load. Even a fundamental car tire weighs over 20 pounds although some truck tires can weigh over 100 pounds. If you have even 100 illegally dumped tires to load you may have to lift 10,000 pounds to load, that will make many people very tired. Keeping in mind that when you grab every tire you have to watch out for snakes included which could strike and bite you.

Finally, you will find the mosquitos, often from the millions. When it rains on tires water always gets trapped inside the tire. This water is perfect for breeding mosquitoes where you've got mosquitoes, you'll get mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus among others. These are dangerous diseases and this is the reasons cities and populated areas will require illegally dumped tires to become removed quickly. Mosquitoes as being a bug also attract many spiders, a few of which are poisonous such s brown recluse, black widows and other alike deadly spiders.

So having tires dumped on your property is bad enough. Transporting a good few tires your own self is often illegal in most states. They don't want people transporting tires since they're often dumped onto another person's property and the cycle starts all over again so in lots of states the most you are able to transport with no license is usually under 20 tires. So if you have only 100 tires on your property you have to transport tires for the recycler no less than 5 times� Its awful.

 Thinking about the difficulty and danger of removing tires and then transporting towards the recycler and paying them and it is sensible to hire an expert to take care of the problem.

That's where involves enable you to. With patented equipment and processes they are going to professionally collect, recycle and get rid of your tires everywhere along with illegally dumped trash. One simple cost, no hassle, difficult or dangerous work and its legally and professionally fixed.

Contact today for those who have illegally dumped tires and trash to get it fixed, fast. - Tire Pile Cleanup